Caleffi DIRTMAG® - Dirt Separator

DIRTMAG® - Dirt Separator

The circulation of water containing impurities in heating and chilled water systems, might end in fast wear and damage to components like control valves and pumps. It also causes blockage in heating elements, pipes and heat exchangers that result in lower thermal efficiencies within the system. The Caleffi DIRTMAG® helps prevent this from happening.

While circulating within the closed circuit system, the dirt separator separates off these dirt particles. The particles are collected in a large chamber. It doesn’t need a lot of cleaning and when it is cleaned, all you need to do is remove the magnet ring and open the large drain valve while the system is running. These devices are capable of efficiently removing small particles to a very small size and very low pressure head loss.

DIRTMAG© - Dirt Separator with Magnet (HVAC)

Both ferrous and non-ferrous impurities are removed by the DIRTMAG® magnetic dirt separator continuously. It features a strong removable external magnet around the body that removes up to 100% of the ferrous impurities. This includes magnetite that can form in a hydronic system. There is 2.5 x’s the removal performance from a DIRTMAG® compared to a standard dirt separator.

Below is a DIRTMAG® (Magnetic Dirt Separation) Product List:

  • 5463 DIRTMAG®: Dirt Separator with Magnet (brass)
  • 5465 DIRTMAG®: Magnetic Dirt Separator (commercial steel)
  • CBN5462 Insulation Shell
  • NA5453 DIRTMAG®: Dirt Separator with Magnet and Isolation Valves for Vertical or Horizontal Pipes (brass)
  • NA5453 DIRTMAG®: Dirt Separator with Magnet for Vertical or Horizontal Pipes (brass)
  • NA5465 DIRTMAG®: Magnetic Dirt Separator, ASME (commercial steel)

For more information on how the DIRTMAG® works, how it is constructed and how they compare in performance to other dirt elimination choices, check out the video below.

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