Gas Fireplaces and Electric Fireplaces

gas and electric fireplaces

Integrated Mechanical sells, installs and repairs both gas and electric fireplaces. Fireplaces are used as a source of heat, and bring a soothing beauty to any home. Find Gas and Electric Fireplaces for indoors and outdoors.

If your home has an existing fireplace, there are attractive easy ways to spark new life to it. To transform your existing fireplace into a soothing and entertaining centerpiece, check out the inserts we sell that fit into almost any traditional fireplace. Contact us for a full list of products for your existing fireplace. If you don’t have an existing fireplace, we carry electric and gas fireplaces that can be installed almost anywhere, indoors and outdoors.

What is different about Gas Fireplaces and Electric Fireplaces?

An interesting fact to note is that gas fireplaces were invented to get around some of the negative aspects of wood burning fireplaces. For instance, they don't produce smoke and ashes and it's not necessary to have chimneys and flues. Expanding on the gas fireplace, the invention of the electric fireplace was created. The installation process is not as complex and the air is cleaner to breath. In the past, the main problem with electric fireplaces was the artificial flames that in no way resembled the real flames produced in gas and wood-burning fireplaces. In recent years, however, that problem has been eliminated and electric fireplaces are now available that look just as authentic as any other fireplace.

While people use fireplaces as a source of heat, perhaps another reason that's just as important is using it for its aesthetic value. Fireplaces bring a soothing beauty to any home, as it relaxes everyone who comes within view.

Gas fireplaces can be set up both indoors and outdoors with average prices ranging from as low as $270 to as much as $5,000 and more. Electric fireplaces come in consoles giving portability that allows it to be moved around to desire locations, and they can also be mounted on walls bringing a picturesque scenery and stunningly rustic sophistication to wherever it's installed. Prices for electric fireplaces range from approximately $250 to as much as $7,000 and more.

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