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Integrated Mechanical provides gas fitting services for various gas devices, such as the stove or the dryer, to your main gas line. We serve all of the fraser valley and tri-cities area, based from Mission. Gas fitting involves the installation of your various gas devices. Our fitters also maintain and repair these fixtures and appliances, to ensure they work optimally, and to protect you against potentially dangerous malfunction.

Improper gas pipe sizing can lead to incomplete combustion which can generate carbon monoxide.. Excessive CO levels can result in confusion and headaches, prior to loss of consciousness – breathing in a larger amount is potentially lethal.

We install carbon monoxide detectors that alert you to potentially harmful carbon monoxide levels, before they cause you harm. Since Carbon monoxide is an odorless gas, the detectors are recommended to keep you and your family safe and they operate in similar fashion to traditional smoke alarms.

Why do I need a Qualified Professional for Gas Fitting?

Natural gas buildup can lead to potential explosions, if not fitted properly. As a result, it is vital that your gas fittings be done right the first time by a qualified professional. More than 70 percent of homes in Canada utilize at least one gas appliance.

Annual inspections of gas stoves and furnaces help to keep them working properly and we can locate and fix potential problems like cracks, corrosion or wear before they affect you. Preventative maintenance is both safer and cheaper than repairs made after damage occurs.

We only use licensed professionals who have the proper training and experience to ensure all fittings and maintenance. We have the highest standards of quality and safety, at a price that is fair and affordable. When it comes to gas fitting and appliances in your home, you shouldn't settle for anything less.

TestimonialsReviews from our previous jobs

"I have hired Integrated Mechanical on a number of occasions to do plumbing and heating work on my property. I have consistently found them to provide honest, efficient, and high quality service at a fair price. As a result, they are the plumbing and heating experts I refer my clients too when they are in need."

James McBride, Keller Williams Elite Realty

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