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Integrated Mechanical provides heating units, heat pump services and installation to the Fraser Valley area of BC. Heat pumps condition your air to a desirable level, whether you need to warm your house on the coldest winter day, or cool your home during the heat of the summer. Heating Units: heat pumps can heat and cool residential or commercial buildings. They can also be used for swimming pools and hot tubs.

Get the latest products installed with high energy efficiency, or a completely green heating system. If you need a repair to your heaing unit, integrated mechanical can repair most models fast, and maintain them if necessary. Call us today, for a free estimation installation, repairs, or maintenance.

Heat Pump: How Does it Work?

While there are numerous types of heating units and heat pump systems, the most commonly used pumps are air source heat pumps. No matter what type of heat pump is used, they all operate under the basic principle of heat transfer. Heat transfer is the process of transferring or moving heat from one location to the other. Heat is withdrawn from a heat source like the air or ground and deposited into a heat sink. Using compressors, fans, refrigerant coils and a reversing valve, the heat that's absorbed from the heat source is transformed into the desired heating or cooling agent.

Gas furnaces can be combined with a heat pump as a Hybrid heating system or with an air conditioner to provide cooling. An air source heat pump cannot provide 100% of the heat requirement. In the colder weather the gas burners would have to be used. The furnace burners and the heat pump cannot operate at the same time. A balance point must to be set to determine which source of heat is used.

A Fan Coil is an appliance that conditions the air-using refrigerant in conjunction with a condensing unit for Air conditioning or a Heat pump to provide efficient heating and cooling. Heat pumps work more efficiently with a fan coil than a gas furnace because the compressor on the heat pump can provide lower cost on heating. This allows the heat pump to operate at lower temperatures than it could as a Hybrid system. As supplemental heat, a fan coil uses an electric element or a coil with hot water from your water heater (or tankless water heater).

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